Craftsman Tools Announces Partnership with the AMRC

Craftsman Tools Ltd is delighted to announce that it has been accepted as a member of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in Catcliffe, Rotherham.

The AMRC is a joint venture between the University of Sheffield and aircraft manufacturer Boeing with the vision to create a world class Centre of Manufacturing Excellence in the United Kingdom. The University of Sheffield has an outstanding reputation in metallurgy and engineering and it draws upon the area’s historical expertise in the production of steel and other metals.

The multi-million pound partnership with Boeing has developed into the collaboration of the leading names involved in the Aerospace manufacturing and development supply chain with the world renowned research skills used at the University of Sheffield.

The AMRC has expanded rapidly since its founding in 1999 with investment from both its partner companies and the British government to support the building of the Rolls Royce Factory of the Future. The building is over four times the size of the original home of the AMRC and was opened in October 2008.

The AMRC shares many interests with Craftsman Tools including the continued development of high production standards and the research and development of renewable energies which is a consistent passion of Craftsman’s Managing Director Robert Johnson.

"The result of this partnership will see Craftsman Tools share its expertise in tool and work holding with some of the leading aerospace, automotive and manufacturing companies in the U.K. and abroad. This will not only improve our already strong relationships with clients such as Sandvik Coromant and BAE Systems but also allow companies such as Boeing, Rolls Royce, Lola and Siemens among many more to benefit from our 57 years of experience in the tool and work holding sector. "

In return Craftsman Tools will be able to collaborate with other members on industry advancing research and development projects using cutting edge technology and research techniques which would be impossible for a company to achieve on its own.
Mr Johnson added that he sees a huge amount of potential working with the AMRC and is a very positive step for Craftsman Tools to enable them to stay at the forefront of its field during an increasingly competitive time.

"Everyone at Craftsman Tools is looking forward to seeing how this exciting new partnership will develop over the coming months and we hope it to be a very fruitful one for everyone concerned for many years to come. "

February 2010