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In recent years Craftsman Tools has developed a range of machine adapted tool holders specifically for deep hole boring using on a lathe.

Our holders offer compatibility with anti-vibration bars and are ideal for high force/load applications. Working together with the Silent Tools® and Steadyline™ typically allow for a boring depth of up to 14 times bar diameter.


  • Compatibility with both Silent Tools® and Steadyline™ anti-vibration boring bars. Excellent vibration absorption properties.
  • 4x bar diameter clamping length and full radial clamping increases tool rigidity and improves cutting performance. Ideal for high force/load applications.
  • Suitable for boring up to 10x the bar diameter in depth (with 14x diameter lenght bars)
  • Range available for all of the major Machine Tool Manufacturers, including Mazak, Doosan, Mori Seiki, Okuma.
  • Available with through-tool coolant feed via removable backplate.
  • Moly-coated bore and the inclusion of jacking screws (hinge type only) make it easier to interchange both tools and reduction sleeves.
  • Craftsman Tools reduction sleeves allow the holder to accept tools smaller in diameter
  • Many holders offer larger bore sizes than the standard holders


  1. INCH / METRIC TOOL SIZE - "A" : Inch style / Blank : Metric
  3. TOOL SIZE - For example 2 = 2 inches, 50 = 50mm
  4. MACHINE MODEL - LB4000EXM = Okuma LB4000EXM
  5. REFERENCE DIMENSION - Gauge line from turret face to centre line of boring bar (mm)


Our range is designed as one of two clamping variants. Where  feasible a single piece Hinge-Style will be used, however the interfacing bolt pattern and required tool size often means a 2 piece Cap-Style has to be used. Both styles of holder will accept split reduction sleeves and are suitable for 10 x diameter boring applications.

Cap Style

Hinge Style


The same holder can clamp a range of boring bars by using reduction sleeves.

Features include:

  • Combined captive spacer maintaining 4 x diameter clamp length
  • Easy withdrawal of both sleeve and spacer
  • Aligned in the holder for ease of setting


A full range of standard Reduction Sleeve are available on the accessories page


We have an extensive range of products available as standard items. This standard product range is suitable for various applications and covers a vast range of machine models. Please use the following link to explore our product library of standard items.


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We have on-house design facilities and we commit ourselves to understand your needs, offer you a suitable solution and respect short lead times.