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Craftsman Tools' premises in West Yorkshire are proud to have one of the very few UK-based accredited Pressure Testing areas.

The facility includes:

  • Experience dealing with leading 1st tier suppliers
  • Work to the API 6A (American Petroleum) standard
  • Current capacity to test up to 22,500 PSI
  • Ability to engineer and produce bespoke fixtures to enable testing
  • Dedicated, qualified staff
  • Quick, responsive turnaround034

We can test various products including:

  • Receptacle and Stab
  • ROV panels
  • Mandrels
  • Block Elbows
  • Flow Bends
  • Female Injection Units
  • Flanges
  • Spacer Spools
  • Production Block Elbows

Collaborating with the world finest


Global provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to oil, gas and process industries.

When Craftsman Tools was established in 1953, Cameron Leeds offered significant support and advice. Our relationship has evolved over the years and now we also closely collaborate with Cameron Aberdeen, Eire and worldwide (Brazil, Germany, Singapore, USA...).

“ It’s always good to know we have a supplier who is able and prepared to do that little bit extra in order to support our business.”

David Tighe – Cameron (UK)
Commodity Controller


One of the World Leaders in Specialist Pumps for the Oil & Gas Industry.

“ We have worked in partnership with Craftsman Tools since 1996 and have used an ever-increasing range of their services. As our requests have evolved from simple parts to large complex components and coatings, they have always been flexible enough to adapt to our needs.”

Bob Foulkes – Sulzer Pumps (UK)036
Commercial Director