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Blade Holders for Parting and Grooving

In order to maximise the full benefits of recent advances in machine tool designs, Craftsman Tools has developed a new range of blade holders suitable for delivering high pressure coolant directly through the cutting tip of the tooling blade, thereby enabling significant improvements in cutting efficiency and reduced production costs.

Benefits include:

  • High pressure coolant feed (80 bar)
  • Quick and easy coolant feed control (internal/external/both)
  • Compatible with various sizes and specifications of tooling blades
  • Can be specified for either forward or reverse turn, and also outboard blade or inboard blade (subspindle)
  • Range available for most major Machine Tool Manufacturers, including Mazak, DN Solutions, DMG Mori, and Okuma.

 A.  High pressure internal coolant feed; directly through to the cutting tool (80 bar)
 B.  Quick & easy coolant feed control (internal / external / both)
 C.  Adjustable external nozzle
 D.  Modular design facilitates both inboard and outboard blade arrangements using the same holder**
 E.  Cam mechanism; allows for fine adjustment of tool height