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Using knowledge gained in over 70 years of designing and manufacturing workholding products, we have developed a new quick change workholding system: Craftsman Capto™ Workholding.

Craftsman Capto™ Workholding is a modular system designed for high precision applications in milling, turning, grinding and quality inspection. Extensive modularity and vastly reduced set-up times means that Craftsman Capto™ Workholding particularly lends itself to operations requiring frequent interchanging of the workpiece.

Benefits of Craftsman Capto™ Workholding:
- Flexible with extensive modularity
- Extremely high basic stability and accuracy
- Dramatically reduced set-up time
- Extensive customisation available
- Resists 120-4000 Nm torque and 100-1700 Nm of bending moments (depending on size)
- Balanced and self-centering
- ISO 26623
- Available in six sizes (C3, C4, C5, C6, C8, C10) to cover the majority of applications


The Craftsman Capto™ base fixture, bespoke for the customer's specific interface, size, and application.

Select the interchangeable workholding element and insert the Craftsman Capto™ end into the base.

Actuate the clamping mechanism with a wrench to the specified torque. This clamps, centralises, and draws the Craftsman Capto™ system to the fixed datum.


Experience: Craftsman Tools has over 70 years' experience in designing and manufacturing Workholding equipment for use in varying industries

Design: our highly skilled in-house design team make effective use of industry standard 3D & 2D CAD software to streamline the design and approval process

Manufacture: we have a large and varied range of CNC Machines which include multi-axis milling machines, cylindrical grinding machines, wire EDMs and large envelope horizontal borers

Quality: our team of quality engineers make use of the latest metrology equipment including a 1.5x1.3m bed CMM

Delivery: by keeping design and manufacture in-house we have tighter control over production lead times

Pricing: a focus on design for manufacture allows Craftsman Tools to remain extremely competitive on price without compromising quality

Legacy: Craftsman Tools boasts an award winning apprentice school, which continues to train the next generations of engineers