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To complement our range of Anti-Vibration Bar Holders, we also offer Split Reduction Sleeves to adapt holders to accept smaller diameter boring bars. Reduction sleeve include a captive spacer to retain the 2.5xD or 4xD clamping ratio and through coolant feed. Our reduction sleeves are designed to be easily withdrawn and include an alignment slot for rotational positioning.

We offer the following sizes as standard:

Sleeve Code Outside ø x
Clamp ø
Grip Length Assembly Length Drawing
SL120100 120mm x 100mm 400mm 480mm View PDF
SL120080 120mm x 80mm 320mm 400mm View PDF
SL100080 100mm x 80mm 240mm 400mm View PDF
SL100060 100mm x 60mm 240mm 320mm View PDF
SL080060 80mm x 60mm 240mm 320mm View PDF
SL080055 80mm x 55mm 220mm 320mm View PDF
SL080050 80mm x 50mm 200mm 240mm View PDF
SL060040 60mm x 40mm 160mm 240mm View PDF
SL060032 60mm x 32mm 128mm 240mm View PDF
SL050040 50mm x 40mm 160mm 200mm View PDF
SL050032 50mm x 32mm 128mm 200mm View PDF
SL040032 40mm x 32mm 128mm 160mm View PDF
SL040025 40mm x 25mm 100mm 160mm View PDF
SL150050 1.5" x 0.5" 2" 6" View PDF
SL150075 1.5" x 0.75" 3" 6" View PDF
SL150100 1.5" x 1" 4" 6" View PDF
SL150125 1.5" x 1.25" 5" 6" View PDF
SL200100 2" x 1" 4" 8" View PDF
SL200125 2" x 1.25" 5" 8" View PDF
SL200150 2" x 1.5" 6" 8" View PDF
SL250125 2.5" x 1.25" 5" 10" View PDF
SL250150 2.5" x 1.5" 6" 10" View PDF
SL250175 2.5" x 1.75" 7" 10" View PDF
SL250200 2.5" x 2" 8" 10" View PDF
SL300175 3" x 1.75" 7" 12" View PDF
SL300200 3" x 2" 8" 12" View PDF
SL300250 3" x 2.5" 10" 12" View PDF
SL400250 4" x 2.5" 10" 16" View PDF
SL400300 4" x 3" 12" 16" View PDF

Bore up to 14x the bar diameter, with through coolant.

Bore up to 6x the bar diameter, with through coolant.

Bore up to 6x the bar diameter, without through coolant.

Grip boring bars of varying diameters in the same boring bar holder.