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2.5xD Through Coolant Boring Bar Holders

In order to maximise the full benefits of recent advances in machine tool designs, Craftsman Tools has developed a new range of boring bar holders suitable for delivering high pressure coolant directly through the cutting tip of the boring bar, thereby enabling significant improvements in cutting efficiency and reduced production costs.

Benefits include:

  • 2.5xD clamping length, allowing boring of up to 6x the bar diameter
  • High pressure coolant feed - rated up to 80 bar
  • Dual coolant feeds, both externally through adjustable nozzles and internally, directly through the boring bar and to precise cutting point
  • Suitable for new ranges of through coolant boring bars
  • Range available for most major Machine Tool Manufacturers, including Mazak, DN Solutions, DMG Mori, and Okuma.
  • Compatible with reduction sleeves, which retain through coolant

 A.  High pressure internal coolant feed; directly through to the cutting tool (80 bar)
 B.  Adjustable external nozzle
 C.  Split bar clamping for improved damping and cutting performance
 D.  Removable through coolant back plate

ER Collet Holders

Our range of 2.5xD through coolant boring bar holders can be adapted to allow the use of boring bars and drills in the same toolholder, with Craftsman Tools' new collet holders. We have a range available for boring, turning, and parting off, suitable for all major machine tool manufacturers, and with full through coolant capability. For more information, see the video.

Bore up to 14x the bar diameter, with through coolant.

Bore up to 6x the bar diameter, with through coolant.

Bore up to 6x the bar diameter, without through coolant.

Grip boring bars of varying diameters in the same boring bar holder.