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Craftsman Tools offer a complete design and manufacture service to produce bespoke fixtures for horizontal, vertical, and 5 axis machines, as well as for non-machining processes such as inspection, material handling, and welding.

We work closely with customers to design and manufacture bespoke fixtures unique to the requirements of their project. We also offer service and maintenance agreements to guarantee the successful, consistent running of the fixture.

Benefits of Craftsman Tools' Fixtures:
- Higher machining precision
- Lower production costs
- Increased output
- Fewer operational sequences
- Reduced loading, unloading, and ejection times
- Lower rejection rates
- Bespoke to component
- Modular and adaptive to systems
- Often require a lower skill level to operate


1. Consultation

After receiving your initial enquiry, we discuss your requirements and recommend the best approach. Typical considerations include component being held, machining processes, size limitations, and budget. Start an enquiry by clicking here.

2. Design

A proposal drawing is produced by our team of skilled designers using industry-standard 3D and 2D CAD software. Along with this you will receive a detailed price quotation, production time, and delivery schedule.

3. Manufacture

Manufacture commences on receipt of an order and documented drawing approval, using our varied range of CNC machines. We can tailor production updates to suit your project management requirements.

4. Installation

We can offer support installing the fixture and witness an initial machining test before end user approval. After-sale support is also provided; we offer service and maintenance agreements to guarantee the successful, consistent operation of the fixture into the future.


Typically loaded and operated by a machine operator (in the case of machining fixtures). Manually-operated fixtures are designed to be simple, safe, and easy to use with minimal hand tools.

By emphasising ergonomics and design innovations, we design our manually-operated fixtures to facilitate the quick changeover and safe loading of parts. Our range of machines allows us to produce anything from small intricate jigs up to fixtures 2 metres in length and 5 tonnes in weight.

Loaded by either a robot or low skilled operator and typically activated through machine controls, hydraulic and pneumatic fixtures generally enable a quicker changeover and higher repeatability than manually-operated fixtures, and are suited to medium and high-volume parts.

Our automated fixtures are self-sequencing, self-positioning, and give positive feedback when the part is securely clamped. Our designers will work with you to create a bespoke design to complement your existing equipment.

Developed in recent years and a hybrid of the above fixture types, automated mechanical fixtures work by clamping a component using mechanically-generated pressure, and unclamping using kinetic force or hydraulic pressure.

These fixtures provide failsafe clamping, with the component permanently clamped when in a relaxed state, only unclamping when activated. They are suitable for automated applications where there is no constant supply of hydraulic pressure; often on lathes and cylindrical grinders.

With an increase in demand for vacuum fixtures, particularly in the aerospace and medical industries, Craftsman Tools can offer a bespoke solution to enable precision machining or inspection.


Experience: Craftsman Tools has over 70 years' experience in designing and manufacturing Workholding equipment for use in varying industries

Design: our highly skilled in-house design team make effective use of industry standard 3D & 2D CAD software to streamline the design and approval process

Manufacture: we have a large and varied range of CNC Machines which include multi-axis milling machines, cylindrical grinding machines, wire EDMs and large envelope horizontal borers

Quality: our team of quality engineers make use of the latest metrology equipment including a 1.5x1.3m bed CMM

Delivery: by keeping design and manufacture in-house we have tighter control over production lead times

Pricing: a focus on design for manufacture allows Craftsman Tools to remain extremely competitive on price without compromising quality

Legacy: Craftsman Tools boasts an award winning apprentice school, which continues to train the next generations of engineers