Craftsman Tools Cube Type Workholdingcube

Craftsman Tools manufacture a complete range of cube type workholding, either from our large standard stock range of plain faced cubes, or bespoke designs to meet your exact process requirements. Detailed product information, including our standard range is available on our website

Our large range of machining brackets offers you the flexibility to allow you to load a horizontal machining centre pallet with the maximum number of components. This maximises the productivity of both single, twin and multi pallet machines.


Available range:

  • Cube
  • Tee Bracket
  • Triform
  • Cruciform
  • Angle Bracket
  • Extended Tee Bracket
  • Hexaform (special)
  • Window (special)


All of our cubes are manufactured from a single iron casting, they are all pre-machined before being stress relieved and then completed this creates optimum dampening properties.

plates-300x245We also manufacture Fixture Plates. All plain Faced Cubes can be provided with precise location pins to enable them to accept a large range of fixture plates. These permanent datums ensure quick interchangeability.

Plates are made from stress-relieved steel (aluminium as an alternative for weight reduction). They are precision finished and ready to accept modular or special fixturing. Versions include plain, tee-slot, and grid pattern. Our modular system is ideal for a complete fixturing package.

For more information visit our website or contact Jonathan Spain on 01943 466788 alternatively email

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