Through Coolant Cut Off Toolholders for Miyano machines

Further to a recent request from Bo Hammarberg, the Global Product Manager - Turning Centres and Multi-task at the Sandvik office in Sweden. We would like to confirm that we can provide solutions for Miyano machines for our new high pressure through coolant cut of toolholders.


A.  High pressure internal coolant feed; directly through to the cutting tool (80 bar)
B.  Quick & easy coolant feed control (internal / external / both)
C.  Adjustable external nozzle
D.  Modular design facilitates both inboard and outboard blade arrangements using the same holder**
E.  Cam mechanism; allows for fine adjustment of tool height

Can be specified as either forward or reverse turn
Compatible with various sizes & specifications of tooling blades
Can be used as a direct replacement for cut-off and parting blades



(please note spindle rotation when using the opposite blade arrangement)

 Outboard                               Inboard                 


For more information on our High Pressure Through Coolant Toolholding range please click here