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Craftsman Tools' workdrivers are semi-floating driver systems. They provide drive by means of a collet system and facilitate an irregular gripping axis. The workdriver's most typical use is for the precision grinding of camshafts.

The workdrivers are hydraulically operated with a failsafe clamping mechanism. The workdriver collet chucks provide almost full surface contact around the diameter of a shaft. This both accurately locates the component, and provides a high resistance to torque. All workdrivers include an air purge line and are suitable for automated loading.

Collets are specified according to the shaft diameter being gripped. Workdrivers are available with two different clamp rings: 20 degree (0,2mm grip range) or 15 degreee (0,2mm grip range; higher torque resistance). Both clamp rings and collets are easy to interchange. Centres and collets are purchased separately.

Size One

Grip Range Ø25 - 110mm

EXP Series 3800
Designed to mount to a coupling system on the headstock spindle nose of a grinding machine.

EXP Series 4200
Similar to the EXP Series 3800 workdriver, but mounts directly to the spindle nose of a grinding machine. The workdriver incorporates its own flexible coupling and interface for a dead centre. Extra compact design. Pneumatic part sensing option available.

Pictured: Series 4200

Size Three

Grip Range Ø50 - 170mm

EXP Series 4000
Equivalent to the EXP Series 3800 but designed to accommodate a larger grip diameter and heavier components.

Pictured: Series 4000


As original equipment suppliers of the workdriver system we offer unrivalled service to both repair and refurbish units that have been in service. All refurbished units are fully tested and reissued with a 12-month warranty.